5700 Rudnick Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

  • Kol Tikvah 2014
    Kol Tikvah celebrates Rosh Hashanah with a food drive (see News Page)
  • Kol Tikvah bags 2014
    Donated food at the Kol Tikvah drive
  • Backpacks
    Some of the 400 backpacks of school supplies distributed (see News Page).
  • Girl chooses a backpack
    Young girl selects a backpack (see News Page for more photos)
  • Jeanne Certificate
    Councilman Blumenfield presents Certificate of Appreciation to Jeanne Bain (News page)
  • Concert in Park Booth
    WVFP Booth at Woodland Hills Concert in the Park
Our mission
is to meet the needs of hungry people in the west San Fernando Valley. Founded in 1985, we are one of the largest pantries in the valley, operated by a small organization of volunteers who serve balanced food packages.

During the month of September, our two distribution centers served 1176 families (3090 adults and children).

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West Valley Food Pantry
5700 Rudnick Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 346-5554
You can help!
Donations of money or food make our work possible. And we always need volunteers to handle all the work the Pantry requires. Coupons can help too! See how to find a Ralph's coupon once a month.

We now accept online donations!
Visit our donate page for more details on how you can help.

Fill out our application to volunteer as a worker at the Food Pantry.

November and December have Lots of Planned Activities
The Holidays mean a lot of donations and activities for the Food Pantry. Check the Calendar page and the News page for upcoming events.

El Camino High School Album Fundraiser for the Pantry
El Camino High School Humanitas has once again produced a music album and presented the sales proceeds to the Food Pantry. The details of this wonderful program are on the news page.

Third Annual Food Drive-Thru Coming November 15-16
The Food Drive-Thru collected tons of food for the Pantry last year. Click here for a brochure to pass around and promote this great event. See the News page for how you can help.